Announcement: We’re releasing direct-to-consumer sales tools


The Tend Online Store

We’re excited to announce that in April we’re releasing our Online Store, enabling you to sell direct-to-consumer without ever logging out of Tend. 

Create a catalog of your items and prices for sale and link it to your crop plan, so you have just one place to manage both your production and sales. Your customers can choose to pick up on-farm, at a drop location, or via delivery.


On April 13th we’re releasing the early-access version of the Online Store – in exchange for your feedback during this testing period which will last several weeks, you'll get free access to the tool (you’ll still have to pay Square’s transaction fees). If you’d like to be considered for early access, complete this brief form

In late April or early May we’ll release the Online Store more broadly to all customers. 

In a subsequent release we’ll expand the Online Store to enable you to create private Offer Sheets for your restaurant and wholesale customers. 

How it works

1. Create a Catalog
of all the items you sell

Instantly include fruits, vegetables, and flowers from your Tend Crop Plan in your Catalog. Then add any other offerings such as eggs, meat, or value-added items. 

2. Share your Catalog
with customers via your Online Store

Transform your catalog into an online store to showcase and sell your products. Set a limit for each item so that you don’t oversell, and accept credit card payments via Square.

3. Receive orders
from your customers automatically

Set and share your Online Store’s “open hours” to ensure no new orders get lost in the shuffle while you harvest.*

4. Complete the sale
and delight customers with pick-up or delivery options

At checkout, customers will choose from one of your designated pick-up locations or delivery options to receive their order.


Pricing for the Online Store feature 

We’re here to help you succeed at every stage of the season, so we designed our new sales features around a revenue share model. Similar to Square or other payment processors, when you make a sale in your Online Store, Tend will receive a small percentage of the revenue. This way, we only get paid when you do. Keep a look out for updates about the final pricing—our goal is to introduce pricing that is fair to you and competitive with other solutions.

Still curious?

Have an additional question you didn’t see answered here? Email us to ask.


*Please note: We are continuing to build out our Pick & Pack Feature to help you streamline back-end harvest management and order fulfillment. However, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent closure of many restaurants and markets, our top priority is to ensure farmers have the online sales tools they need now to make their sales for the season. We will share updated information on the release of Pick & Pack as it becomes available.