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The week of March 4, 2020 Tend is launching an early-access version of our direct-to-consumer online store tools.



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A vision of one platform to manage the small-scale farm

Since day one we’ve been focused on helping anyone, anywhere, at any scale grow quality, nutritious food. We started with crop planning and management tools as a foundation, knowing that we’d eventually launch sales tools. When Covid-19 hit we doubled down on launching online sales tools knowing they’d be in immediate benefit to our farmers.


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What’s a Tend online store?

Sell direct-to-customers with Tend

Sales tools connected to your crop plan — one login to manage your farm.


Sell to private groups of customers via offer sheets

Set unique prices for different customer groups, email them what you have available, and allow them to pay later.



How is it different from other sales tools?


One login to manage your planning through Sales

You’re already logged into Tend for your planning and management – now you can sell through Tend too.


Integration with a robust Pick & Pack feature

Orders from your customers flow directly into Pick & Pack workflows.
Estimated release: June


Sales based on what you sell – no setup fees

If you’re not selling, you’re not getting charged; pay only when you sell.


One flat rate, increased capabilities

As we continue to build out functionality, you won’t get charged more; our rate is consistent: 2% per transaction.


Designed with a farmer team

Tend has team members throughout the organization who have worked on farms, or own farms.



What are the core features? 


Setup and start selling at lightning speed

Create a product catalog based on your existing crop plan, including crops, varieties, units, and prices.


Set order limits

Avoid overselling by setting a limit on the quantity you have to sell


Set order windows with multiple pick-up or delivery options

Your customers can choose to pick up on farm or at a location you specify, or they can ask to have it delivered.


Transact with Square

Link your Square account to start selling immediately.


Integrate with Pick & Pack 

Orders flow into your pick and pack lists, a seamless integration.





What you’ll get the week of May 4

  • Quickly create a catalog based on your crop plan
  • Set inventory limits by product
  • Set prices for different units
  • Set unique prices by unit of the same product
  • Specify pick up or delivery options
  • Multiple delivery options per day to choose from
  • Collect payments through Square
  • Set multiple delivery dates
  • Auto-email invoices/receipts

What you’ll get by late-May

  • Accept square gift cards
  • CSV Export of pick & pack lists
  • Mobile sales dashboard

What you'll get in June

  • Robust pick & pack integration
  • Pay later
  • Offer Sheets


How Tend online stores compare to the Young Farmer's List


Available now

Coming Soon 


E-commerce storefront 

Post individual items for sale in an online shop

  • Your online store at

CSA / subscription management

Offer subscription products (“farm shares”) and manage CSA members

  • Sell a farm box in Tend

Order forms 

Create availability lists to send to customer list and customers can order directly from list

  • Robust Offer Sheets feature with pay later

Multi-farm / Food hub features

Facilitates multiple farms selling through one storefront or availability list


Process credit card payments

Customer can purchase products online with a credit card


Offline payment options

Customer can pay offline with cash, check, EBT/SNAP, or other in-person payment

  • Invoicing in Tend

Accounting tools or integration

Data automatically exported to Quickbooks, or other significant accounting reporting features

  • Export orders

Marketing tools or integration

Email or SMS customers through platform, or customer date integrates with third-party CRM, or other significant marketing features

  • Email offer sheets

Distribution management

Facilitates logistics tasks, such as delivery route planning and packing lists

  • Robust pick & pack integration; pick & pack list csv export


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